Name Unknown

Horcon, Chile

This is the man who inadvertently started this adventure.

I painted his portrait from a photograph originally taken at a [fisherman’s] bay in Horcon, Chile.

This local fisherman intrigued me, the lines in his face, the knots in his hair, the gloss in his eyes. They held a story and I longed to know more. I asked the locals who told me that after spending every night out at sea he returns to the bay in the morning to sell his catch and plunder his bounty… the majority of which goes on spirits. This is where my knowledge ends yet my desire to know more does not.

How did he get here?

Where is he from?

What is his story?

This is where the inspiration for this adventure began.

Alongside people’s faces I hope to capture the stories that lie behind their eyes, behind the lines and to visually capture their biography.

Latest faces...

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