Durban, South Africa

This wonderful face was painted in Kingston Upon Thames with the same teacher, Keith Robinson Painting, that I painted the Chilean Fisherman with, and I just knew I was heading for another great face this weekend!

I was lucky enough to have some fantastic images sent to me by Micaela de Frietas at Humans of Durban... she is on a project making a photographic census of the people of Durban getting her inspiration for this from the great site, Humans of New York.

She had just returned to Durban after a few years away and was looking for a way to explore her city and improve her photography and be able to interact with people of Durban that she wouldn't otherwise stop and chat to.

She is trying, just like me, to share the human behind the photo, giving them a voice and showing a little glimpse into their lives.

Sometimes she doesn't get to speak with them, and that was the case with this guy. But you only need to look at him to see the life he has had, the hardships are there in the lines of his face and the eyes. Well... make your own mind up on that!


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