Amsterdam, Netherlands

This young girl is a friend of Edgar Jansen in Amsterdam and when I was with him she came to sit for us.

When I saw her she took my breath away. She has such a beautiful face with a wonderful heart shape to it and I couldn't wait to draw her ... gorgeous eyes and just perfect!

She told me a bit about herself during the session as Edgar and I sat drawing ... She is 30 years old and lives in Amsterdam now but is originally from Kyota in Japan.

She always wanted to be a Choreographer and whilst dancing her way around Kyoto and The States she met up with a teacher who also worked inAmsterdam at the SNDO college. This teacher suggested that Jija should come to Amsterdam and join the college and as the programme only takes 10  people she would introduce her.

A wonderful chance for Jija as this was her dream!

She is just  finishing her second year and is now a professional choreographer. When  I am next in Amsterdam I am going to meet again with her and I can't wait!

Painting size: 26 x 20 inches


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