Hungarian Horseman & Boy

Kerekegyhaza, Hungary

I photographed this man at Varga Tanya hotel in Kerekegyhaza in Budapest, home of the most amazing Pustza programme, where one man rides on the back of a team of ten horses and as soon as I spotted these guys my heart was racing!

There were maybe 8 or 10 men riding around on horseback doing the most amazing things and the sheer power of these beautiful animals took my breath away.

The horsemen were big powerful men and at the side of one was a tiny boy. His name Bela Csomor Junior. A shy little boy overshadowed by the noise of whips and dust flying through the air from the dirt arena.

I kept trying to photograph him but he wasn't having any of it until... finally my moment came when one of the horsemen lifted him into the saddle in front of him. I was in like a shot smiling away at the very fierce looking man wearing a fabulous mixture of leather and a silky voluminous skirt!

His name is Peter Cseh and he is known as a very strict man indeed... he wasn't going to smile either, no way! But I captured him forever in what I think is my best painting so far, certainly the largest at 3 feet by 4 feet.

I love this painting. The memories it holds and all that the day held... a special place indeed. I hope you like it.

Painting size: 3 x 4 feet.


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