Kandyan Dancer

Sri Lanka

I am very lucky that a great photographer, Jose Ocampo, allowed me to use this image. He told me the following story...

Jose tells me he  met this young man in Sri Lanka on Poya day. He is Kandyan dancer. Poya day is a holiday in Sri Lanka which occurs every full moon day.

Jose was very keen to take his photograph but was aware that the Sri Lankans are quite shy and very humble... almost too humble he feels.
When we nod 'yes 'our head goes up and down - when people in Sri Lanka nod it's a combination of a 'no' nod and a 'yes ' nod.

So when Jose asked to take his photograph he gave him the Sri Lankan nod (a combination of yes and no). At the time Jose didn't know about the gesture, so thought 'OK he doesn't want me to take his picture'.
He walked away a bit amazed, but Jose really wanted his picture so he walked back and asked if maybe it is prohibited to take pictures of the Kandyan Dancers? The young man laughed at Jose and told him about the 'yes''no' gesture...so when Jose first asked him he was actually saying yes!

Lucky for me as well! Thanks Jose for allowing me to use this beautiful image. I loved painting this guy. It was a real  challenge to capture his freckles!

Painting size: 40 x 50 inches, in oil with some encaustic work, on canvas.


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