I met Florine in Capetown. I couldn't help but notice her. In fact, she was the first person I photographed for 102 Faces. I didn't know whether to approach her as it was a whole new experience for me, but I just couldn't resist her! She was so beautiful and gracious and such a little lost soul.

We swopped e mails and a few weeks later I contacted her. Below is her reply. It was an honour to paint her and a bigger honour for her to share her story with me. I hope I have captured her wonderful spirit and her beauty.

Hello dear Janet

Am really happy to hear from u. I never thought that u could get back 2 me. Thank you so much. OK this is part of my life and what I have gone through in my life.

My name is Florine, and I am from Kenya. I am a masai girl from Masai tribe in Kenya. I come from my country because my father wanted me to be circumcised and get married to an old man in a tender age because he needed cows and goats as a dowry from that man, it was the culture in our tribe but I didn't like it. I got a chance to run a way before he could kill me I got another woman who helped me to come to South Africa.

I came to South Africa. I have ups and downs in this place but I hope and believe God is going to change and bless me in a mighty way.

Painting size: TBC


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