Fontana del Pantheon


I recently spent a month in Rome with a small painting academy. The language difficulty was a huge problem for me there and I really struggled during my days painting.

Whilst art is a very visual experience in so many ways, conversation... asking questions like 'why did you use that colour?' and 'how do you mix that colour?' are all important and were all lost in translation!

I am a very hands on artist and need to know all the ins and outs. I just couldn't get into it.

So I took to wandering the streets early in the mornings and adored just strolling along to the flower markets, many cups of coffee on the pavements with the workmen... watching people in their daily lives, on the outside looking in.

I got so I couldn't stop wandering and wanted to see everything! I walked for hours, briefly wondering how I would get back to my apartment, but not worrying too much knowing I would always see some familiar landmark if I walked for long enough!

I took my camera and snapped away and I loved that around every corner there was something new. Rome has that; every little square holds a new delight, and for me it was the fountains that drew me.

I could sit for hours marvelling at the sheer wonder of them... the water... the size of them took my breath away. Almost living things after all this time.

It had to lead to a drawing of course, many in fact! But this one is my favourite. It is on handmade paper and I used pastel and chalk with some pastel pencil too.

Painting size: 30 inches by 24inches.


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