Foxton Locks, Leicestershire

John is a very well regarded photographer in my area and I approached him through the local artists cluster to photograph all of the 30 faces that I have completed so far.

I was taken straight away by his face... he has a very powerful profile and I wondered if there would be a chance to either paint him or capture him in some way in the future.

Months later I saw an artist working in willow, Juliette Hamilton, and keen as ever to try everything I asked if she would help me create a face out of willow and John seemed up for it too.

Juliette got quite excited by this as she had never made a face! Lots of cows... sheep... massive stags.. and other truly amazing sculptures, but never a human face.

I sent her John's photograph and I think to be fair she was a bit scared before I arrived! She is a great artist and before we knew it we were off and by the end of day one we had a bit of an Elvis lookalike with his big quiff!

He grew and grew and became a wonderful sculpture and for my first dabble into the world of willow I think he turned out really well! I loved this new relaxing medium and really enjoyed the creating of "John".

Thanks Juliette for your patience and to John for allowing me to capture you for all time!

Height: Approx 1m


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