'Little Kroes'

Capetown, South Africa

'Little Kroes' is not this little sweet girl's real name of course...

I didn't have the opportunity to ask her name when I saw her in Khayelitsha, the biggest of Capetown's townships as it was pandemonium!

I was there with a group for a fashion shoot and wedding ceremony (check out www.2people1life.com... it's a long story, but worth hearing!).

From the moment we arrived we were surrounded by a sea of smiling faces... dozens of kids of all ages, all sizes, all desperate to be photographed and part of the story. Film stars for a day!

I couldn't resist them; they have nothing...
all of the things kids usually take for granted these kids do without, but they have sunshine in their eyes and smiles to die for.

Kroes is Africaans for frizzy which is the way my teacher Marie Stander in Stellenbosch described this little one's hair, so we decided that was her name: Little Kroes.

She is just the first of many little ones I will be drawing and painting. I hope you like her.

The drawing to the left is Little Kroes '2'... this one shows her fantastic hairstyle from which she gets her name!


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