Amstersdam, Netherlands

Vinicius has one of those faces that I love to draw...great eyes...great jaw and great presence.

He was also a great model and sat still for hours - thanks Vinicius.

I drew him at Edgar Jansens studio in Amsterdam and learnt a little about him ,which for me is a big part of being able to capture them on paper.

Vicinius was born and grew up in Israel (I imagine quite a serious little boy) and fell in love with a girl who lived in Jerusalem, Michal.

Michal received a scholarship to study in Amsterdam so they both came; her to study visual arts and he Graphic art.

As is common with students in Amsterdam, they both model for artists in their spare time and Edgar has drawn them many times, together and separately.

Their striking looks together must make them a favourite with artists. I didn't get that chance this time but I'll be back again and they will be at the top of my list.


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