Lungi's, Kyayelitsha, South Africa

I met Gladys,the hostess who owns this amazing B and B a few months ago when visiting the township Khayelitsha in South Africa.

Khayelitsha means "new home "in Xhosa language and is the fastest growing township in South Africa with over 2 million people living there. We were lucky enough to spend the day with Gladys, our mum for the day!

This wonderful woman and her friends welcomed our wedding party into her home like she had been waiting all of her life for us! There were photographers, videographers, stylists, make up artists and she just took this wild invasion of her home as if it was the norm.

Lungi's, a traditional township house has two guest rooms: the Red Room and the Yellow Room, and if you are lucky enough to stay there great food too. Sshe cooked up an amazing lunch for all of us. Check out for the real South Africa.

Lungi's, which is an abbreviation of Nomalungelo and means "rights" in Xhosa, opened in 2009 with the help of lots of people. On the wall of this house is a painting of hands. Dozens of hands of adults and children, black and white, all dipped in paint and dabbed onto a canvas. These are the hands of all of the people who helped Gladys realise her dream.

It is my greatest pleasure to include these in this painting along with her beautiful face and I hope when she sees it she likes it or I'll be in SUCH trouble!*

*POSTSCRIPT: Well, it seems like it went down well indeed, and is now being used on promotional material for the B&B. So lovely to get feedback like this: "...I have made new promotion material for Lungi's B&B and used your painting. Everybody loves it! Warm regards, Gladys"


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